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Caro White Skin Lightening & Whitening Beauty Cream 500ml

  • CaroWhite cream is a formula rich in B-carotene and vitamin A and E
  • It makes your skin light, manageable, and satin-smooth.
  • Remove freckle spot
  • Skin-friendly elements used
  • Safe and Non- poisonous
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Benefits of Caro White Beauty Cream:

The benefits of Caro White Skin Lightening & Whitening Beauty Cream are as follows:

  • This nutrient-rich lotion is blended with pure carrot oil.
  • Extracts of carrot seed and lodhra bark;
  • Quince seed and aloe Vera to keep skin soft.
  • Fair and moisturized in the sun.
  • Protects skin with broad-spectrum SPF 40 UVA and UVB sunscreen
  • Skin Type: Suitable For All Skin Types
  • This luxurious cream is blended with extracts of pure virgin coconut, dandelion, and manjishtha to fade away dark spots and blemishes
  • Its components and active principles are specifically designed to deep-nourish your skin, protect it and give you a feeling of well being.

Ingredients in Caro White Skin Lightening & Whitening Beauty Cream:

Carrot seed and lodhra barkQuince seed and Aloe Vera, pure virgin coconut, dandelion, and manjishtha, Emulsionnant, H.V., V.B., I.P.M., Alcool cetostearylique, Glycerine, M.P.G., Actifs Bio-Vegetaux 2%, Parabens, B.H.T, Fragrance, Colorants,

How to use the Cream:

  1. Cleanse the skin
  2. Apply a thin layer of the cream onto the skin until completely absorbed.
  3. Gently massage in small circular motions with fingertips.
  4. Use it daily on your face and neck after cleansing as part of your skincare routine.
  5. For best results, repeat the application at least twice a day with 7-day magic soap. or Caro White Lightening Soap
  6. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, and use it

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FAQ’s about Caro White Skin Lightening & Whitening Beauty Cream:

Question: Is this product helpful for dark spots and pimples?

Answer: Yes

Question: Is it suitable for oily skin?

Answer: Yes, suitable for all skin types

Question: Can people below 30 use it?

Answer: Yes, Above 15 years

Question: Can we use it in the winter season?

Answer: Absolutely

Question: Is it unisex?

Answer: Yes

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